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Consulting and IT-solutions in the field of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) – globally recognized reporting language.

IFRS reporting outsourcing

Preparation of packages of both stand-alone IFRS financial statements and financial statements for consolidation purposes on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. Including "Fast-close".
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IFRS-compliant accounting policies

IFRS-compliant accounting policies development: from accounting policies framework to preparation of detailed accounting guidance.
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IFRS reporting system implementation

IFRS reporting system implementation into the business processes of the companies facing regular transformation of national accounting data into IFRS financial statements, even in the context of "fast close".
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IFRS reporting automation

Optimization of existing calculations and processes aimed at reducing both hours spent on reporting and dependence on human factor, improving reporting accuracy, emphasis shift from technical to analytical work with reports.
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Technological audit

Evaluation of the existing reporting technology for its further optimization.
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IFRS consulting

Consultations on a wide range of IFRS application issues and the best practices in the sphere of IFRS accounting
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