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IFRS reporting outsourcing
Preparation of packages of both stand-alone IFRS financial statements and financial statements for consolidation purposes on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. Including "Fast-close".

If a foreign company does not have a large office in Belarus and the functions of cost centers are fully or partly outsourced, outsourcing of IFRS reporting is a reasonable option.

How can we assist you?

If your company has decided to outsource IFRS reporting, we are ready to deliver the following services:

  • Preparation of stand-alone IFRS financial statements on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis;
  • Preparation of financial statements packages for consolidation purpose on a monthly (including "fast close"), quarterly and annual basis;
  • Support of international audit of IFRS financial statements.

Reporting is the foremost process that requires adhering to the four-eye principle. That is why no less than 2 employees should be engaged in this process. Keeping them on a full-time basis can be economically unreasonable taking into account reporting infrequency.

Our approach to IFRS reporting outsourcing

We use proprietory software, which allows:

  • obtaining efficient internal control system for IFRS reporting;
  • providing explanations on financial statements to a company's local and foreign management and to auditors at short notice;
  • having time reserve in terms of fast close, which, in turn, allows meeting strict deadlines for financial statements providing;
  • implementing the process of IFRS reporting in the company if its management decides to set up in-house IFRS reporting.

We are a partner to all the stakeholders and are ready to communicate with financial controllers from parent companies and international external and internal auditors regarding IFRS reporting issues.


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