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IT-solutions for operational and strategic tasks in the field of finance.

Currency calculations automation in MS Excel

Automatiс tools for returning of various currencies rates on a date, average rates for a period.
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Sundry reporting automation

MS Excel based automation of second-tier reporting and optimization of individual reporting tasks.
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Support for deployment and testing of ERP systems

Assistance in selection of an ERP vendor. Analysis of the terms of reference against the needs of IFRS and management reporting. Assessment of compliance of the deployed ERP system to the provisions of ToR.
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MS Excel add-ins for accounting processes automation

MS Excel capability enhancement, which enables to reduce the effort required for calculations preparation, facilitate their review and reduce human factor influence on business processes.
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Hyperinflation calculations automation in MS Excel

Automation of specific calculations under  IAS 29 "Financial reporting in hyperinflationary economies".
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