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Search for potential creditors, investors and target businesses

Market research and search for potential investors, creditors and target businesses, their differentiation according to various criteria including their degree of interest, business presentation to stakeholders.

Our approach to the process of potential investors (creditors) search comprises three main stages:

  • Search for as many investors (creditors) interested in the project as possible, including foreign investors (creditors). Additionally, industry experts may be invited for potential investors (creditors) assessment in terms of their interest in the project.
  • Primary communication with the selected investors (creditors): delivery of the main idea of the investment project by means of calls and e-mails.
  • Further negotiations with investors (creditors): delivery of the business plan and additional calculations, organization of visits to the client (the project initiator), etc.

During the process of search for target businesses, our consultants carry out a range of services including market research, best investment opportunities choice, assessment of their effectiveness and risks (due diligence), support of an M&A deal.

The result of this kind of service is a report on the target investors, creditors or businesses selected for further cooperation within the project with their comprehensive contact information, assessment of their "quality" in terms of their interest and other criteria and description of all previous communications with these targets and their results.

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