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Investment proposal preparation
Preparation of a wide range of documentation for investments attraction: from presentation booklet about the company to detailed calculations justifying the need for project financing and its effectiveness.

Due to a variety of investment projects and ways of their organization and financing there is not a uniform investment proposal template. That’s why team customizes its approach to every investment project. However, there are the following uniform development principles:

  • Deep insight into the specifics of both project and activities of the company planning to implement it.
  • Consideration of the requirements of target investors groups to investment proposals.
  • Trust along with verification: in order to achieve investment proposal objectivity we try either to confirm or refute ideas and assumptions for an investment project which its organizers believe in.

Completeness, reliability and credibility of information provided to investors are the key to a successful project.

The result of the service is an investment proposal in paper and electronic form, which meets the requirements of potential investors, gives them clear, concise and sufficient understanding of the business and its prospects, justifies effectiveness of the investment project and evaluates its implementation risks.

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