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Decision support solutions
Excel-solutions designed to support recurring decision-making where processing massive arrays of numerical data is needed.

What decisions do we focus on?

  • Decision-making algorithm is stable. The support of whatever decision may be automated if only such decision implies a relatively established sequence of steps to be followed to arrive at the solution to a problem.
  • Massive data processing is involved. The bigger data need to be processed in order to make a decision, the more effective our solutions can be to a client.

What makes our solutions different?

  • Elaborate architecture and design. We use an optimum mix of the wow-effect features of MS Excel together with a well-thought approach to spreadsheet design, flow of calculations, smooth links between modules and visual appearance.
  • ‘Generic’ approach to development. Our solutions embrace as many logical scenarios as reasonably applicable to a problematic area, which allows them to ‘keep afloat’ as normal business fluctuations occur.
  • Adherence to the time-proven methodologies. While working on a project, we always challenge constructively the ‘as is’ situation of the client and suggest ideas which can potentially improve the process under consideration.

Some of the relevant projects accomplished recently:

  • Staff remuneration calculation system. A software designed to automate the calculations of staff remuneration, based on the KPIs adopted by the client. Managerial view on the performance of all employees broken down by legal entity, agreement type, responsibility center, and with tight relation to the financial accounting.
  • Cash planning tool. Features: processing standardized payment requests from departmental managers; controls over cash balances of each account of each legal entity; separate sub-modules for loans, intercompany and FOREX operations planning; automated orders for payment by the treasury; accounting records reconciliation.
  • Product profit margins monitor. Based on automated processing of reports on sales revenue and variable costs by product. Stats visualized both for product lines as well as for individual SKUs comprising a selected product line.
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