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Development and support of MS Excel Add-ins by team, designed to facilitate the preparation and verification of business calculations.

Reliance on professional judgements in preparing financial and management reporting does not allow to completely abandon manual data input and processing via MS Excel. Automation of repetitive operations, however, shall reduce the labor costs for its implementation and verification, along with reducing the risks of errors. 

Automation of repetitive operations significantly decreases the time for preparing the reporting and improves its quality due to reduced room for errors. offers the implementation of specialized solutions, designed to automate the Client’s individual calculations in case existing features of MS Excel are unable to provide the desired degree of automation. creates custom features, based on the analysis of business processes, performed by the Client while preparing the reporting, and integrates them into MS Excel as add-ins showing as new “buttons” on the toolbar.

Examples of features, provided by Add-ins to MS Excel: 

  • Data import

Automatically transfers the data from one MS Excel workbook to another, of identical structure.

Use case: automated filling of reporting package workbook, protected from manual changes and regularly updated by an external party, with data from the workbook with calculations.

  • Data clean-up

Removes manually entered data from pre-defined cell ranges in an MS Excel workbook. Cancels the previously applied filters, exposes grouped ranges, displays hidden rows and columns in the workbook.

Use case: workbooks with calculations, regularly recompiled on the basis of identical files for the previous reporting period.

  • Version comparison

Compares the structure and values of two MS Excel workbooks, regardless of their size, amount of data (both formulas and values).

Use case: automated identification of inconsistences between different versions of regularly processed workbooks, open for third-party structure modifications.

  • Backup

Saves a backup copy of an active workbook by pressing a button on the Excel toolbar or a hot-key combination. Creates automatically …

  • Calculation performance

Tracks the time, required to recalculate both entire workbooks and/or their specified elements (sheets or ranges).

  • Corporate style palette

Facilitates the designing of new calculation workbooks by transferring the set of corporate styles to a new workbook and setting conditional formatting for cells or ranges with automated checks.

  • Custom functions for obtaining currency exchange rates: FxRate()

Automatically adds the currency exchange rates for a specified date, average rates for a specified time period and cross exchange rates, based on the data from the Central bank website.

  • Obtaining statistical data in the form, required for the calculations

Automatically adds the statistics on money market rates, inter-bank lending rates, discount rates etc., based on the data from the Central bank website.

Download the free add-in version: Tools Free.

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