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Business planning training
Corporate training on business planning from leading business consultant in Belarus. Interactive business planning for real investment projects of a company.

If a company has a developed process of strategic planning and new investment projects assessment is required on a regular basis, it is more reasonable for a company’s management to assess an investment project and the current position of a company independently, as well as make all the documentation necessary for obtaining debt financing independently instead of outsourcing this process.

The course syllabus

During the course students will: 

  • Get an insight into business planning conceptual principles and methods according to the international methodology UNIDO.
  • Learn to develop main business plan sections:
    • industry, project, product description;
    • market and competitiveness analysis;
    • marketing strategy and marketing plan development;
    • investment, operational and financial plans detailed justification 
  • Get acquainted with the features of Project Expert and other calculation tools.
  • Develop business plans for a company’s real projects with the support of the trainer in frames of practical application of learned techniques.
  • Learn to present developed business plans to a potential investor.

Business planning training format

Corporate IFRS training can be conducted in the following formats

  • an intensive basic training for a few days (3-8 days);
  • a full course training in off-work hours (4-5 months);
  • distance learning through online learning support system (4-5 months).

The course syllabus and schedule are adapted to the needs of every client: some aspects of the course can be given more attention, and some can be studied in less detail. During the course students will learn to prepare business plans according to UNIDO methodology – the most common business planning methodology. If a company needs a business plan developed according to another methodology, the course syllabus may be amended. A key feature of trainings is its online learning support system, which allows students: 

  • to test their knowledge through online tests and assignments after each topic, which are graded automatically;
  • to ask questions regarding theoretical material and get a prompt and detailed response from qualified professionals practicing in the field of business planning.
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