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JSC «Lidskoe pivo»

JSC «Lidskoe pivo» is one of the oldest breweries in Belarus, founded back in 1876. Apart from beer, the company also produces kvass, drinking water, cider and other carbonated and still drinks. In 2009, the company joined the Finnish Olvi Group.  High product quality and diversity allow the company to take leading positions in the beverage markets of Belarus, Russia, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Germany and Canada. The global company’s products recognition is proven by over 140 awards at national and global contests and exhibitions, including The First grade Diploma in “Kvass” nomination of the republican contest “Product of the year 2015”; “Best Beer of the year 2015” and “Best Kvass of the year 2015” diplomas at International festival contest “Choice of the year”, and the top places in International Craft Beer Award.

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